Clinks Links

BOSWELL CUSTOM GUITARS Absolutely the finest custom, handmade acoustic guitars on the planet. Check out my friend Butch Boswell’s artistry. These beautiful guitars are the epitome of elegance and tone. Incredible!

LEVY’S LEATHERS This is the site of the finest gig bags and straps.

BOB BARRY Check out this gifted photographer. He really has a knack for capturing the essence of the player. This site is a great catalogue of jazz musicians and an extensive documentation of John Pisano’s Guitar Night.

SOUNDSRITE AUDIO Custom guitar cabinet builder Paul Robison has made 3 cabinets for me. 1×10, 1×12 and 2×12. This is boutique, first rate workmanship at a very reasonable price. You work directly w Paul and the cabs sound amazing. Period!

LEE JACKSON This is the site of my dear friend Lee Jackson. His amps and effects have sculpted my sound for almost 20 years. This dude makes great toys! Check him out.

PARMA PIZZERIA NAPOLETANA This spot in Thousand Oaks,CA is what pizza is supposed to taste like.

SCLAFANI TOMATOES My go-to for all tomato products. Priced right and they have that EastCoast flavor!