Mike Clinco Quartet/Quintet- In 2008, I released my first solo record featuring Bob Sheppard– saxophone, Walt Fowler– trumpet and a star-studded rhythm section that showcased the talents on Jimmy Johnson-electric bass, Darek Oles– acoustic bass and Jimmy Branly– drums. I keep the spirit alive with my Seattle band. Trinom3 - DO NOT DELETETrinom3-(Try-nome) brings together three unique elements/players with diverse influences. I am joined by organist John Van Tongeren  and drummer Kendall Kay. This organ trio’s blend of original contemporary jazz, funk and rock set it apart from the usual traditional format. Hank - DO NOT DELETERemembering Mancini- Spending 14 years with this incredible composer taught me so much of the power of melody and harmony. I pay tribute to this genius by honoring his great compositions. 50’s and 60’s covers- Just putting the finishing touches on my newest project featuring some top-notch singers. Arranging songs from my past with an up-to-date spin on them. Stay Tuned! .